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Happy Baby


From June 1st 2023 Professional Nannies have a rate of 23 dollars per hour when working on weekdays (ends Friday at 6pm) and 26 dollars for two children. But, on weekends (starts Friday at 6pm), Professional Nannies has a rate of 27 dollars per hour. And on holidays, our rate is 28 dollars per hour. And, for family sharing Professional Nannies has a rate of 32 dollars per hour.


Professional Nannies provide a service to families if they have a problem with a specific babysitter, they have the right to change the nanny and find a new babysitter that fits their requirements and expectations. We require a one-time fee of 300 dollars when the perfect nanny is found. Professional Nannies have a cancelation fee if a notice is not told over 24 hours. A notice under 24 hours will result in a fee of 69 dollars. In addition, cancellations less than 12 hours before the job will have a fee of 92 dollars on weekdays, and 100 dollars on weekends.


Payment will happen through Venmo, with the payment having to happen at the end of the babysitting. Though, if a night job of babysitting is done then the expectation for the payment is for the following morning. However, if the family does not seem to have Venmo, then we’ll have an agreement or possible solution on what other payments could be used.


Professional Nannies ask families to cover a ride of either cab or car service if a babysitting job is done after 9 PM. This is to cover that our babysitters get home safely without any problems.


Since COVID-19 still has new cases increasing and growing. We kindly ask families to follow health guidelines to protect their children and our nannies. Examples of the health guidelines are to do testing and temperature checks if not vaccinated and have masks worn. We also recommend having soap and/or hand sanitizer in your homes for the babysitters to use when taking care of your child/children.

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